Live and enjoy this unique experience of growth and personal fulfillment … at such an important time, where life is leading us to more evolution and love. The possibility is opening up to really make a profound change, which will mark a before and after in your life.

What does it consist of? Learning and practicing the self-knowledge system created by Isha Judd which has been successfully practiced by people from all walks of life. It eliminates stress from the nervous system, releases toxins from the body, dissolves rigid mental patterns and transforms accumulated emotions that weigh us down internally.

How will this teaching help me?  It will enable you to live your  life from a place of confidence and inner peace, loving yourself, eliminating your fears, overcoming limiting beliefs, reinventing yourself, improving your relationships and  guiding you to explore your true potential.

How is this done? It will be a live online retreat! very SIMPLE  with easy access, that can be taken from the comfort of your own home, using your phone or computer.

Price: 150 US dollars. It includes all the activities in the retreat and also a seminar to teach you the tools of the Isha Judd System if you have not already learned them. This seminar will allow you to apply the method in your daily life and you will have free support permanently once the retreat is finished. (The seminar to teach you the System will be completed before starting the retreat, so you can take maximum advantage of Isha´s activities)

What does the retreat include? Darshans with Isha (conferences about consciousness), practice of the Isha Judd System, Yoga, Witnessing in Nature (guided practice) aerobics, consciousness workshops and the constant support of teachers and facilitators from all over the world, delivered in a personalized manner. It´s a really fascinating experience to be able to share directly with Isha from wherever you are!

When you really look within, you uncover the treasure that you truly are. We will be waiting for you!