One Month of Self Healing and Self Discovery

What will this month help me achieve?

Clean and heal your body energetically


The light and balanced diet provided by this program along with an abundant intake of water will enhance the natural benefits that unification produces in the body.  The program diet includes an abundant array of fruits, salads, grains, vegetarian meat and other natural foods.  Once a week, participants will be free to go out into the city and eat whatever they like.  The program also includes daily exercise, some of which will be organized and guided by the centre.

This program will train you in the use of the Isha System tools

This is what will start your process of healing or accelerate and intensify it if you are already practicing.


Through intensive practice of the components of the Isha System.

  • Unifying many hours a day with eyes closed and with eyes open – an average of six hours a day of eyes closed unification
  • Practicing the love-consciousness exercise
  • Feeling your emotions and learning or practicing moving them in the right way
  • As mentioned before, drinking water and getting exercise
  • Participating in the daily meeting where, through practice, you will learn to speak your truth and be completely human

In all the activities you will be supported and guided by teachers.

Feed you consciousness


  • Listening to consciousness, inspiring yourself from darshans in which Isha will respond to questions we ask about life (recorded and projected)
  • Reading consciousness during the time set aside for reading and working on Isha’s books
  • Giving consciousness by engaging in service at various points throughout the day – giving is the nature of consciousness

Get to know yourself better and take responsibility for your life


  • Through the workshops we will organize in this month and which will be dedicated to the themes upon which Isha is placing the most emphasis at the moment, so that your growth can flow into new expressions and new paths