We incorporate Yoga in all the activities at the Isha Judd Centers

Yoga is a very complete and ancient practice, that even though in the last years has been focused in the asanas (postures) and in the physical aspect, its true nature is the search for self-discovery. There are many branches of yoga: Kundalini Yoga. Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Bikram, Power Yoga, Viniyoga, Iyengar Yoga and more recently for example Aerial Yoga, and even when some of them are very different in the way they are practiced, in general Yoga is a way of liberating us from the conditionings learned through the experiences of life, which are separating us from our own essence: its main purpose is to finally show us who we really are.

The characteristics of Kundalini Yoga and the Isha method: ESPN

The Isha Judd method´s main purpose is precisely to take us to that experience of freedom, connect us with our true nature, our consciousness, and so liberating us from our fears, from our childhood programs and achieving the unconditional love to ourselves.

It is a self-sufficient method that does not need other practices to work, but the body awareness yoga creates, is a really good complement for the Isha Judd method, by creating a bigger connection with our physical aspect. Also yoga emphasizes certain aspects that are parallel to the expansion of consciousness, like “ahimsa” for example, which means no harm to one-self or to others, and other concepts that have to do with awareness of self, through the asanas, breath, meditation and unity with the whole.

Art, Isha method and Yoga all together: ESPN


Through the practice of the Isha Judd method we start developing naturally and effortlessly the present moment awareness, being here and now, and training the mind to be fully aware.
We no longer wander off into the past or live in the worries of the future, but we start discovering the joy that can only exist in this moment.


As we start this exercise with Isha, the first thing we do is to put the attention inwards. The facets of the Isha Judd´s method allows us to submerge deeply internally, feeling our body, our heart beat, our emotions, and every sensation in the body.

Isha guides us to start doing this mindfulness exercise and slowly we start walking. Very conscious of every step, feeling the floor under our feet, witnessing the sounds in the distance, the birds that sing, being very aware of our thoughts and still feeling very present inside the body.

As we arrive to the woods, the sounds are getting closer, many other animals can be heard, and the breeze becomes more fresh in the skin. We continue this mindfulness exercise by witnessing the present moment in all of its colors, sounds, sensations and depth. Now as we go deeper within we can also contact a very profound place of peace that expands and connects us with totality.

Then is time to continue with the activities at the Center, so we walk back and very silently, very connected, we continue our day.
Everything is the same, but we certainly feel different…