Isha Judd Center Mexico


Isha Judd Center, Manzanillo, Mexico

The Isha Judd Centre is situated near the Las Hadas Golf Course, surrounded by breath taking views of the bay at Manzanillo.

These seven villas combine local flare with the minimalist touch that characterizes the Isha centers throughout the world.

The serene simplicity of it’s interior inspires inner contemplation, inviting you to rest deeply and discover the unconditional love that lies within.

Accompanied by qualified teachers of the Isha Judd method, our commitment during your stay will be to serve you in every way we can on your journey of self-realization.

Every detail of your stay, including delicious food, will be catered for with loving care, in this exceptional environment inviting you to return to your heart.

Retreats with Isha in the Isha Judd Center Mexico

These are very special, several day retreats, including sessions led by Isha Judd: the most valued events at the Center. They have the uniqueness of her daily Darshans: conferences where Isha answers our questions about life, consciousness and the universe, and some days she will conduct the Witnessing in Nature sessions with all the participants.

Imagine a place where you are welcome as a VIP guest, where you are constantly reminded of your greatness, and where our greatest joy is to serve you.

Imagine a place where your only obligation is to go inwards and learn to love yourself. Make the dream come true.


  • Daily conferences about consciousness: Darshan
  • Witnessing in nature with Isha in intimate groups


  • Accomodation in comfortable rooms with private bathroom.
  • Room options for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 people.
  • Unlimited possibility to expand your consciousness through the group practice that takes place in a beautiful room, with an incredible view.
  • Three daily healthy meals prepared lovingly by Isha’s team.
  • Physical activities included.
  • Daily group meetings.
  • Personalized and permanent support of the Instructors at the center

“Thanks to the great support of the teachers I could get to some very old feelings of lack and could release them. It is difficult to describe how you feel after releasing something that has bothered you all your life. It is simply amazing. Since the end of the month in Manzanillo I feel very relaxed with everything and enjoy my life much more than I did before”.

Summarized I can say that the month in Manzanillo including the Mega with Isha really changed my life. I am very grateful for that.”
Axel Kranz- Germany

Upcoming events

6 Weeks 2019 with ISHA

This event is offered only once every two years, so don’t miss the opportunity to be part of it.

New Year retreat with Isha Judd

Why not make 2020 a brand new start in life?  Come and join Isha Judd in her New Year’s eve retreat, which runs from December 28 to January 5, in Manzanillo, Mexico. Experience one of the most beautiful and life changing adventures of your life. Take time to relax and...

Phones and Whatsapp:

DF ‭(+521) 55 4890 7332 / GDL (33) 1370 4932 / Whatsapp ‭(+521) 55 4890 7332 / Para reservar completa el formulario arriba o escríbenos a


Isha Center Mexico
De la Reyna 6, Manzanillo, Mexico
Zona Hotelera de La Audiencia
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Mexico - Manzanillo
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Mexico - Manzanillo
Isha center in Mexico is located in an absolutely stunning setting, on a hillside overlooking the most beautiful view of Manzanillo Bay
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