In the beginning, we look for answers. We dwell in the illusory. We do what society says we should do, or, conversely, we rebel and do the opposite. We create families and build businesses, yet no matter what we achieve externally, we still feel there is something missing. For some, this sense of lack comes as a deafening shout; for others, as a niggling unrest at the back of their minds; but the feeling is the same: there must be more, there must be more. The heart yearns for something greater.

Today, life is moving at an ever-increasing pace. As our capacities to communicate and to consume accelerate, so does the collective seeking of humanity. The onslaught of entertainment, advertising, and distraction is coming so fast and so furious that ultimately we have to give up our attempts to find comfort there. We have to go in and find what we are really looking for: the experience of love-consciousness, the unlimited energy that connects us with totality. We have to start becoming creators and take total responsibility for our lives instead of constantly blaming the external. The way we do that is to heal and come back to our true nature, which is emptiness, vibrating in love. Abundance vibrating in love.

In every moment, you have the power to reinvent yourself. You can choose to be whatever you want to be. That’s the wonderful thing about being human — we have a choice, and we can change. We can change to be more love, more freedom, to let go of our limitations, to start living in the moment — to start new habits that don’t cause us to suffer.

Many of us aspire to unconditional love. We know it’s the ideal way to live, and we try to mimic it. We put on an act, behaving as we imagine an unconditionally loving person ought to behave. But how can we truly love another if we cannot love ourselves? How can we embrace others exactly as they are if we are incapable of accepting ourselves exactly as we are?

To be pure love, you have to be pure love. You cannot copy how pure love is meant to look. You cannot duplicate what you see another doing; that is nothing more than a trick of the intellect.

When we try to love others without loving ourselves, we abandon ourselves, putting other people’s happiness before our own. We compromise our own being, and this can only lead to resentment — quite the opposite of what we are aspiring to be.

How do you become unconditionally loving? You embrace your perfection in this very moment. You accept that there is nothing wrong with you — that you are perfect exactly as you are.

We are perfectly human, which is what we are meant to be.

When we come to love ourselves unconditionally, we can truly love everyone else unconditionally. This is because when we find the perfection within ourselves through the light of unconditional love, we perceive perfection in everything.

Embodying Self Love

What is love of self? It means being real and accepting every aspect of ourselves. We are having a human experience, in a unique human body. We are not having an idealistic, saintly experience. We arehuman. We get angry, we feel sad, we love, we are selfish, we are generous. We are everything. We lie, we hide — we do everything. We are human!

We all have parts of ourselves that we judge. We all have secrets, things we think we did wrong that we reproach ourselves for. All these things have been created through our own self-abandonment. But we must embrace them all if we want to experience love of self.

This means we accept the fact that many of our actions are based in fear and are just habitual, unconscious reactions. It means we start to see that there is nothing wrong with those actions, that they are just some of the vibrant colors that form the landscape of the human experience. They are the springboard from which the truth of who we are can take flight.

Join me again in the third installment of the movie Why Walk When You Can Fly?  where we will learn self love