How is a day at events with Isha in Mexico?


Isha and her teachers will be very happy to welcome you to our center, offering you our best, so that from the first moment you start to achieve the objective that brought you here!

The program of activities with Isha is always open to change based on a number of factors including weather and number of participants, because we want to choose the best time for you to be inside the center or outside enjoying our beautiful surroundings in nature.

The first day, after welcoming you and showing you to your room, we will bring you on a tour of our house, so you get to know the common areas and have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views! At 7pm we serve dinner, followed by a welcome meeting to explain the purpose of the event and how you can get the most from it.   We will also provide you with all the practical information you need about the retreat. Then, each day starts with Yoga at 7am, a good prelude to breakfast at 8am where you can get to know some of your companions. All meals are vegetarian, very healthy, and prepared with a lot of love and dedication by the teachers.

From 9am to 1pm we unify with our eyes closed, and this practice is the most important part of the process. It is by going inward in this way, that we create the connection with our experience of love-consciousness and can allow ourselves to move our emotions and empty ourselves of all the stress that we have accumulated.

If, during your practice with eyes closed or at any other time during the day, you need support in your process of introspection, teachers will be available in the expression room to offer this support, and this is where you will learn many things about the practice that will help you transform your life.

At 1pm we have lunch and then we participate in the exercise of awareness of the present moment, learning with our eyes open to maintain the experience of peace that we have been achieving in unification with closed eyes. After this we return to group unification in the practice room until 5pm.

The physical exercise in the afternoon is from 5pm to 6pm, which adds some fun with dance or aerobics. This class is optional, you can also go for a walk or swim if you prefer, the important thing is that you do some kind of physical activity to support your detoxification and the process of stress elimination.

After dinner at 7pm, you will meet in small groups with the teachers, This is an opportunity to share your experiences of that day, learn to connect in a healthy way with your emotions, and connect with your peers who are on the same journey as you.

After these meetings, it is time to rest.

Some days, Isha will lead exercises to deepen the experience of consciousness, and other days she will provide an inspiring lecture and answer questions from participants about their inner process and aspects of life in general.

But this journey inwards is different for everyone and it is an incredible adventure in internal growth as we all evolve together!