Expressions of gratitude

It all happened unexpectedly. An accident (a broken right ankle) had me bedridden for my recovery. One of those days, we came across some writings from an Australian spiritual teacher.

Shakti was her name. As we read her philosophy on life and spirituality, we felt a taste of truth within her words.

Our daily life took an amazing turn, many of our relationships began to fall apart, they were only sustained by drugs, marijuana, and alcohol. As we changed the rhythm of our lives, little by little they disappeared, everything outside changed for us. There was a great transmutation in our dynamics.

Today, after so many years and on this long and intense spiritual journey, we can say that Isha was the key to open the door to our inner universe, discovering our greatness.

Our days are different now, the everyday is more loving, albeit with contractions, as life naturally has. However, now we express to release the burden.

Today we can say that Isha has been a gift. Our guru, our teacher, our unconditional love that awakened our hearts eager for growth and fulfillment with her light.

Happy birthday, beloved love!!!! We wish that your life continues this great mission of love and consciousness to help so many who need you. We love you forever and always.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Toño & Francisco, Chile

There are too many moments to count! Just simply being in Isha’s presence my heart opens.

‘You can’t do it wrong.’ Not sure how many times she said this to me, and ‘There’s nothing wrong with you, you only think there is.’

Meeting Isha was like burning the fear out of my mind forever and opening me up to life as I’d always dreamed of it.

I am thankful every single day for Isha and what she has given me: everything 💓🩵☀️ 💎

I cannot explain the freedom she has given me and am eternally grateful.

Matt, Canada

I don’t know how to narrow this down to less than a book.
The first time I met her was in Germany and it was a really small group. She took my expression during the break and I thought that was normal!!!! Her loving energy really impacted me that day when my life was totally falling apart and I started to look inside me for the first time ever.

Then when I had cancer it was her loving existence in the world that made me feel everything was ok and gave me the strong will to Iive so I could be her TT.

I love her SO much. She is the most incredible person I ever met in my entire life.

Mary Howick, Ireland

Two years ago I was on the bottom, I was full of fear, depressed and feeling completely alone, I was in such a despair I didn’t want to live like this anymore I was sure that life is magical and full of love but I couldn’t make it my experience, I remember from the depths of my heart wishing for change, wishing for love! Then very quickly Victoria came into my life, she teached me the facets and I was practicing for a month, full of stress not having any idea what Im doing not having a clue who Isha is but trusting in something bigger, after a month I read the book “why walk when you can fly”, I was hooked it touched me so deeply I’ve never felt my hearts calling so strong as in that time, it cracked me open, I never read a book that fast in my life, I couldn’t believe what I was reading, I couldn’t believe that that which I always wanted and always was looking for is not an illusion but actually is the truth , and there is someone that cares and wants to support me in all of this journey, I think I felt real love for the first time in my life. I then started to binge watch everything from Isha on YouTube until I saw “can people change” I couldn’t stop crying, I knew this is it, this is my ticket to get free from everything that limits me, to get free of suffering and finally have a happy and loving life , I knew that I will do everything that is in my hand to go there! I immediately went to Ishas webpage and emailed the center “I want to do the six months ASAP” I remember Parvati called me she was with me on the phone for an hour, I couldn’t believe everything she was telling me, my dream was coming true! After two months I quit my job and I went to the six weeks, I wanted to see Isha, I cannot describe how I felt seeing her the first time, like it’s so real being around her and so clear and that massive loving energy that opens the heart in an instant. I signed in for the six months and after a year I was there doing my process and now it’s one year since the six months process, wow I am sooo fortunate to have done this process, I feel so strong. Sometimes Isha hits me like a lightening struck and shakes me completely seeing all the places I haven’t embraced of myself but only to come back and love me more. Ishas system changed my life completely, I can look in the mirror and see so much love in myself where two years ago I was only seeing fear, and there is so much more it’s a continuous picking up pieces and making it to a beautiful colorful puzzle, each time a bit more and the love just grows and gets deeper and life becomes real, and the journey of discovering myself in such a depth, I could have never imagined. So Isha I cannot describe in words how deeply thankful I am for you, I have you very deep in my heart and love you, you are the biggest creation ever!!! What a privilege to be close to you and have you as my teacher, thank you so much 💎🙏💖

Sofia Korlou, Greece

I remember, like it was yesterday, the moment when I saw Isha for the first time ever on YouTube…it was so impacting for me that I kept searching for more videos, I just kept watching and watching and watching!! Instantly my heart opened in a way I can’t explain…I got completely hooked. As I was searching for more material I came accross a video that documented a special 6 month process and again I knew Instantly that I was going to do this at some point. There was just so much clarity in what I felt. I shared everything with my wife at the time…I guess so much that she gifted me the book LOVE HAS WINGS for Christmas. I still didn’t unify at that point but I read and watched Isha on YouTube up and down😝 I even contacted Romi at some point but wasn’t ready yet to take the leap. 2 years later, after my ex-wife left me, I found myself in a deep depression…and one night, as I was desperately balling my eyes out, not seeing light at the end of the tunnel, it came to me like a lazer…I needed to get to the Isha center, I knew that nothing would help me more than what Isha was offering (although I still didn’t have a clue what that was)! The next day I sent an email to Romi asking her about the 6 month programm. She told me that in that year (2015) they only offered a 3 month programm. I didn’t have the money but I told her I’m in!! I didn’t have a single doubt. I asked my dad for the money and sent it via bank transfer to who knows where🤣 My family were in shock..they couldn’t believe that I would send almost 5000 USD to some kind of bank account in Latinamerica without knowing the people I’d send it to 🤭 But as I said, I didn’t have any doubt about it all!! And there my journey began…the following year in 2016 I signed up for the whole 6 month programm and ever since there’s nothing that can stop me🔥
I have changed in ways I couldn’t have imagined!! Isha has pushed me to the edge again and again and again…I hated her and I loved her. I wanted to quit soooooo many times, but deep down I always knew that quitting is not an option…that thing I felt when I saw her the first time kept growing in me, kept taking root and nothing has ever been clearer than the truth I felt then and I feel today!!

Raphaela, Switzerland

Dear Teacher,

Your system,
The Teachers,
Have changed My Life.
Words I knew; but they didn’t have the depth and importance they have today for me; Loving myself, Letting go, Choosing, Trusting, The facets are my Shield, my tools Unifying and understanding that it is my Responsibility to be Love and Happy because I Am That; eternally grateful for all the Love I have received. Thank you, Teacher.

I stumbled upon the system by accident, when I was in bed feeling the worst and blaming myself for my actions, it was 2015.
The system saved my life.
I infinitely thank having it in my life.
Monica Mamani, Chile

Here in my first intensive, in the year 2006. When I met Isha at 15, she touched my heart and for a moment, I felt unity. At that time, I was doing other meditations and simply let go of all that. The truth of enlightenment could not be denied when feeling it so close. That freshness and innocence that only reside in the truth of the heart. Thank you life for putting the most spectacular teacher so close. Every day choosing that voice of the heart that Isha tirelessly reminds me of. “It’s time to wake up, it’s time to wake up, boom boom boom boom, listen to your heart” 😍 Eternal gratitude.

FEDE FONTAN, Argentina

I attended the first seminar in 2012, having no idea what awaited me. I went along with friends just to experience the process. I already had experience with spiritual paths, participating in meditation groups and attending annual retreats at spiritual centers, so I had an idea of what spirituality was… When I arrived at La I, with the masters dressed in black, Latin salsa music playing, and Isha dressed in designer clothes, I thought… where am I?…

Throughout the week, transformation began to occur… What Isha said was so simple yet so intense. I started releasing things I didn’t even remember and feeling that what I experienced in moments of meditation was possible to be felt during daily activities. I gained grounding, and since that January of 2012, I have never stopped unifying.

I am profoundly grateful to Isha for sharing this system, for showing us that it is possible to live Love in a profound, joyful, and light way, for showing us Christ without the cross 🙏

Similarly, I am deeply grateful to the Masters and Facilitators who dedicate themselves to this giving, while they themselves also walk their paths. Infinite gratitude to Isha for her energy of Love and Presence and for her multiplying effect in the four corners of the world 🙏🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖💖💖💖

Manuela Ribeiro, Portugal

I’m grateful to the system, to Isha, and to everyone for who I am today. A great transformation has been occurring since 2015 when I began unifying 🙏🏼 One of the many lessons I had with Isha during my six months, which I always mention in meetings, was when in one of the meetings Isha talked about the present moment. That action of hers stuck with me. I started doing it several times a day. She said: “Ask yourselves frequently where you are? Here or here?” And she pointed her index finger to her head and then to her heart. With that, I found myself more and more often pointing to my head and heart and asking myself where I was. And of course, she taught to think of a facet right after, to anchor in the heart. This made all the difference in my growth. The fact of witnessing, every moment, my mind and making choices. ✨

And on this birthday of Isha, I transmit all my gratitude for the greatness that she is, and she taught me to be, more and more. 💖

Lúcia Sordi, Brasil

After the illness, my dentist tells me it’s not necessary for you to go to India, you can go to Uruguay and meet Isha. That same night I started watching videos on YouTube, I didn’t have social media, I fell asleep listening to her on the computer, something enchanted me, it gave me peace. That’s why months later, I went, and for 14 years I didn’t stop attending her retreats twice a year.

How did Isha help me? God connected me, made it possible for me, simple, I emptied myself so much of everything, that today I can say that I am more abundant than I thought I was, having it all.

Today I live in a hotel, for 3 years now, I am a queen and I live in every present moment, with the problems that this causes me, I leave everything to chance, trusting, and chance gives me everything, I speak my truth, I can’t be silent anymore. I know I’m not going to die of cancer, I don’t abandon myself to the outside, I am free and shine like the sun (as is the name given to me in the commitments ✨).

In the worst moments, the system was a light for me, and now in the best moments too!! Only Love and compassion make it possible, it’s the magic happening in everything around me and what my heart desires 😁.

I no longer have worries or fears, and I live in infinite abundance of everything. I was born to serve, and that’s what I do from the moment I wake up until I rest. I used to do it before too, but I expected recognition from the outside. Today I am free like I have never been before.
Everything and much more!!! Blessings to all ♥️.

Nora Celentano, Chile

I see Isha as a beautiful woman, full of style, with a fascinating personality and character. I have great respect for her. And I understand that respect is the path of love. Because without respect, love is impossible. I also don’t really know what enlightenment is. I’m learning. And I see Isha as a brilliant woman. Long live her!!! In another solar revolution! May her new year be beautiful! 🌟🩷

Pauline, student from Brazil

As soon as I encountered the Isha system, I felt a pull from my heart to do the six months. Today, I live with this magnificent experience of love-consciousness. I thank Isha for this beautiful tool that allows us to connect with her realm and all her masters. 🤩

Vera Lúcia Figuereido, facilitadora Brasil

I love to think about the day I declared my love for Isha. I started practicing the system, but I had judgments about the way Isha was, how she dressed… I couldn’t say that I liked her, and I even said that to her in a meeting. She told me: don’t worry because one day all of you here will love me very much because you will be loving yourselves even more!!! 🥰
Happy birthday, beloved Isha!!!! Keep inspiring us!!! ❤️ 💐

Adlane, facilitadora Brasil

My favorite memory was when I asked Isha, during a Darshan, to continue a story from her book: the story of the king who refused to jump the fence of his kingdom. She surprised me because I thought she would tell a story of hers, but she told mine. Obviously, I don’t know her story, and I hardly know mine, but that’s what I understood at that moment: sometimes going back is imperative. I wish Isha a happy birthday and many hugs to all of you, wherever you may be.

Lígia Naves, estudiante Brasil

“Happy birthday beloved teacher, thank you for all the love, for all the support, thank you for being an inspiration to be more, thank you because I am truly happy. I send you all my love and eternal gratitude 🙏🏻💓🥳”

Sonia Sumelzu, Chile

For me, it has been like an awakening. Something I intuitively searched for since adolescence and could find through the system. That greatness I believed was outside… was inside, and it is my greatest teacher. Isha, her teachers, and facilitators with their infinite love have accompanied me in this growth, and I feel so much gratitude for it. It moves me… it’s beautiful to see oneself in others too.

Beautiful shares 💜

Viviana Vilches, Chile

I had the privilege of attending the first seminar that Isha gave in Santiago, Chile! And I lost count of how many more seminars I’ve attended! I remember many retreats in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Colombia! When Isha came to Santiago, we shared a lot. And it was beautiful when our own teacher took our expression! Oh, so many years and so many memories. With my beloved Durga, we had such beautiful conversations! How my life changed since that first encounter with Isha and Annie! So much ground covered! It moves me! So many anecdotes! Thank you Thank you Thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💖💖💖

Ale Rojas, Chile

“I only have words of gratitude to Isha and this wonderful path that, without realizing it, she invited me to follow. My heart ♥️ is grateful for the day she decided to come to this part of the world to teach us to be happy. I always wanted to save the world, and I had no idea how to sustain myself. Thank you for so much. 🙏🩷 ‘When I heal myself, I bring peace to the world.’ What a powerful phrase 💪🌟❤️.”

Mireya Sandoval, facilitadora Chile

Hello! All the reflections I’ve read have one thing in common: the “feeling of warmth and peace in the heart.” In February, I spent a week and arrived in Chile with that feeling that has endured, and with each facet meditation, it anchors itself more and more in me. I can only give thanks! Thanks to ISHA, Gael, and each of the instructors I met during my stay at I. I feel grateful and blessed to have participated in the activities in February, and grateful to have continuous support.


Carla Varas, student from Chile

“In 2016, I arrived in Uruguay to spend my 6 months, and I didn’t know anything about what I was getting into. I seemed like a scared little chick 🐣, and suddenly Isha says, ‘Here, there are no mistakes, everything is a learning experience, everything is perfect.’ And there, I felt such a rich calmness and totally surrendered to what I was doing. I loved it ❤️❤️.”

Ñeñe, Chile

“Isha, I thank you for each of your journeys, every life experience, the hours of study and searching; each one transformed into a giant hug of love and expanding consciousness that embraces us in simplicity. Thank you for the beautiful way of developing our teachers who inspire us by their example. Cheers!”

Lorena Nazal, Chile

Dear beloved Master Isha, happiest of birthdays! Endless and complete gratitude for all your love, thank you for helping to remove that immense void I felt, thank you thank you thank you, for being and giving me everything to heal my root stress. Just thanking you and thanking the universe for knowing you and having you as part of my life! Have the best birthday, beloved Master!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜

MariCruz Acosta, México

Happy Birthday, dear Isha!!! Eternal gratitude for the WORK you do to help us evolve with clarity, understanding, and mastery in this humanity that needs so much learning.

Ma Eugenia Sacullo, Argentina

Happy birthday beautiful Being of light and love in all its expressions 💫🤍✨ All the joy for you 💓 millions of thanks for trying to change this world that we have had to live in and making it Beautiful from our deepest being to our surroundings ❤️🧡💛💚💜🤍

Marcela Castro

It’s been many years, many anecdotes, I’ll try to keep it short:

My journey with the system began when my partner at the time was handed a flyer inviting us to participate in the seminar and learn. I asked to see the flyer, and there was Isha’s image with several of her quotes and the benefits the system offers. I read it and felt something internally: “this is it! You have to go!”

At that moment, I couldn’t attend because I didn’t have the resources, but a few months later, I received news that teachers (Uma and Rodri) were coming to Paraguay to teach the techniques again! (back then). I still didn’t have the resources, but one afternoon, my ex-father-in-law handed me an envelope with money inside, the value of the seminar, and said, “Pay me however you can.” 🥺 My heart exploded! I couldn’t believe it! And that weekend, I was sitting among the students receiving the seminar, watching Uma and Rodri shine, thinking, “I want what they have!” When the practice of the third facet came, I burst into tears over a childhood memory that came to me. I was scared! But I couldn’t stop crying! Just then, Uma came over during the break: “It’s working, that’s it! Just trust!” For a long time, I didn’t understand anything, but I still practiced and did everything they told me because just as I didn’t understand anything, I had beautiful experiences.

Months passed, and the news came that Isha would return to Paraguay! Finally, I would meet her! 🤸🏼‍♀️ And not only did I meet her in person, but she also agreed to take my commitments so soon after starting! WOW! Everything was so beautiful (except my name, which I obviously thought was ugly and unimportant 😆). I couldn’t be with her as I wanted, but I committed to being able to go to Uruguay as soon as possible.

Four years later, I did it! There I was again, fulfilling my wish, in the tent meeting with Isha, my heart bursting, and she kept telling me, “Come back to your body,” “Come back to your body” (another thing that took me a long time to understand, but I tried to do what I believed I knew).

Over so many years of practice, I was lucky to have her close in many ways. Every word, every shared look, everything was always a gift, everything resonated with me, whether I understood it or not, but there she planted her seed of love that always eventually sprouts.

In Isha, I found inspiration to trust my heart. Without knowing, she showed me something I had very hidden.

Lylu Coronel, Paraguay

I can’t put in words the gratitude I feel for you Isha, for all the moments when you didn’t let me off the hook, when you pushed me insistently to break protections, when you looked me in the eyes with such a depth and love that the world stopped for a moment, when you showed me, as the clear mirror you are, what I needed to see to be able to know who I am. I’m just so incredibly happy that I jumped on the train and listened to my consciousness that lead me to you and to everything I was able to heal, let go and transform. THANK YOU!!!!!THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!!💐I LOVE YOU DEEPLY!!🫂
My first contact with Isha was reading her texts on the blog “Somos Todos UM” and I loved what she wrote. I thought to myself, “I want to meet this living master because the others I also followed and admired were already dead.” And so I ended up in Mexico knowing nothing about the System. It was truly impactful; at first, I thought I had wasted my time. But as I allowed myself to practice innocently, as they asked me to do, without expectations, simply paying to see where it would lead, from there, internal transformation began to happen. It was so profound that I went straight to the six-months retreat from there.

My most memorable moment with Isha was when I made my commitments, which also took place at an event in Mexico. There was such a strong energy of love coming from Isha and the masters who were there that I couldn’t stop crying with emotion. At that moment, I was so surrendered, simply allowing all that love that was there for me to penetrate me.

I was truly committing to myself at that moment to surrender my judgments, my fears, my beliefs, and choose to live unconditional love for myself and consequently for my universe at every moment of my life.

Gratitude to Isha for showing me the unconditional love that exists within me and allowing me to clear away everything that prevents this love from flourishing and spreading more and more each day.

Gratitude also to all the masters, facilitators, and students from all over the world who are part of this beautiful and beloved Family ♥️

Franco Batista, Brazil

Isha and her system came into my life many years ago during a time of great stress, and I am grateful for the message and practices it brought at that time, leaving me with so much peace.

A soulful hug and infinite gratitude. Happy Birthday, Teacher.

Blessings and light on your new journey around the sun. 🙌🏻✨🌹

Carolina Kubieski, Argentina

Happy birthday beloved Isha!!!

Eternal gratitude for your abundant and loving giving! My life has changed so much!

I feel very fortunate!

May your love continue to touch and transform hearts! ❤️❤️🔥❤️🔥🥳✨

Monica Nieto, Argentina

For me, it’s a story of true love.

I got divorced and thought: my teenage love was it! I called her (like 30 years later). We met up. She came with the book and the written facets. Within 5 minutes, I was unifying. October 6th, 2009, at 3:00 PM. Immediate connection… with Isha. I signed up for the seminar and intensive in December, but I couldn’t wait, so I went for the day to Buenos Aires to see her in November at a promotional talk in a theater. Then total commitment to myself, to the call of a lifetime, even though I didn’t understand anything and was afraid, I kept going and going. Discovering a new world, of silence, of the heart, unconditional, with oneself and with the new family of love consciousness. I love your energy, your clarity, your humor! I admire your qualities as a teacher, to transmit, to be an example, to push or wait, to love.

Nestor, Uruguay

Beloved teacher, I met you when I was in a black hole of depression from which I couldn’t find a way out. My desperate and completely open heart found you, and without hesitation, I took the system here in Quito, with Cintia.

My life has changed so much and continues to change since that day, so much that I have to thank you, so much love received from you, so much, but so much love. How many times sitting in front of you, open to you, open to myself, and you giving me everything and more, your wonderful consciousness, I can only say thank you, thank you infinite thanks 🩷🩷🩷

Veronica Parreño, Ecuador

I met Isha the second time she came to Lima because the first time I was out of the country and I missed it.

I felt the desire to hear her and follow her even though I was a bit skeptical because Isha talked about LOVE and her experience. Gradually, I started practicing the system and letting go of my fears until one day in Uruguay, I experienced so much joy that I said to myself, “I want to feel like this all the time,” and I decided to do the six months.

I didn’t know anything, but I had been feeling for a long time that something was missing, that I was looking for something I didn’t know. Isha performed that miracle of love, where the 150 students who didn’t know each other at first ended up loving each other so much after six months. When I was sad and worried, the answer Isha gave me and her look of love filled everything. Isha, you are my teacher and my inspiration.

I thank you for existing, for knowing you, for creating this system that has allowed me to find my essence inside ❤️ and continues to change me as I let go and trust that everything is perfect as it is ❤️❤️❤️

Bety Chung, Perú

Wow 🥹 I had a conversation with someone in a hospital where I went to play as social work and they mentioned Isha. 🎻💛

I searched for her everywhere in Colombia, bought a book, took the seminar, everything so so so fast. It was the clearest explosion of love in my entire life. 💥💎

The facets were like lights and I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I let go of everything in a very short time and my heart opened so much that I went to the Isha Institute for the first time to do my six months. 🙏🏻💛

Isha had already given me the greatest treasure of my life and I hadn’t even met her yet. From then on, my life changed completely, I feel like I started living again.

And in my heart, only gratitude and love for you, Isha. You have given me something that I struggle to put into words, every moment close to you has been very impactful for me. I love you deeply and I am grateful for so so so much! ❣️🙏🏻

Joahana Ballesteros, Colombia

So much to be grateful for on your birthday, Isha!! I met you through your book “Why Walk When You Can Fly” back on December 29, 2009, it was a birthday gift, and from that moment on, your facets have always accompanied me.

The encounter with love, this space of peace that we all have, I received it with an open heart and so much inner transformation came!! My whole family accompanied me to meet you a year later, and the whirlwind of change came for everyone, for more LOVE and true unity ❤️🙏 Today is a continuous discovery, the present moment, the energy of love, my own path of self-discovery, of letting go and trusting… forever grateful 😍


We are celebrating 🩷✨🩷🌈

Happy happy happy happy happy BIRTHDAAAY ISHA 🩷❤️🔥✨🩷🐶🐦‍⬛🦅🦇🦄🐴🫎🌳🌴💃🏻🕺🏿 My eternal gratitude for your life in our lives, for being an example of every inspiring word, for giving us the tools to find our own freedom. For your divinely human and infinite energy that embraces and uplifts 💎✨🌪️🔥

Thank you 🩷🙏🏻❤️🔥💎❤️🔥✨❤️🔥🌈

Ma Rosa Schonoff, Argentina

Happy birthday dear Isha!!! All the Love to you always, beautiful giver of Love. May Life continue to multiply through you the Healing that your system brings to each of us and consequently to the whole world.

Thank you for everything always. There are no words to express the Fullness that you help us find and cultivate.

Thank you…. Kisses and hugs!!! For many more years. For much more expanded Love… 🎂🎂🎂🎊🎉🎊🎉🎈🎊🎉🎈🎊🎉🎁🎁🎁🎁❤️❤️❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🥰🥰🥰🥰

Today is a Great Day.

It is a Day of Celebration and Joy, Isha, our Isha, is having her birthday…

Leo Cassaleto, Uruguay

I learned about the system through a friend of my husband’s, and when I took the seminar for the first time, it touched my heart deeply.

I fell in love with the simplicity, the ease with which I could engage in the practice.

I love the system because it opened the door for me to discover myself, to appreciate life, and to stay connected with my passion, my love for life! It showed me how powerful and creative I can be… I can only be grateful that it gives me something new in every moment.

Anastasia Neme, student Argentina 

Happy Birthday, Master Isha!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ❤️🙏 for giving us the system based on Appreciation, Gratitude, Love, and Unity with ourselves and the world.

Enjoy your day with that Light that always shines in your words 🙏🙏🙏

Martin Gallego, Argentina

Dear Master Isha, happy birthday.

I just feel so much gratitude for having you in my life. I thank you for awakening my love consciousness and freeing me from suffering.

Thank you, my life, I celebrate you, and I see myself renewed with new eyes, in love with my new version.

Viliulfo, México

Happy birthday dear Master Isha!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Today we will fill you with love, with all that love that we were able to find within ourselves thanks to your magical facets! I love you ❤️

Marisa Furrer, Argentina

Congratulations, Isha.

What a great gift from life. Thank you, thank you ❤️💋

Cristina Salcedo, España

I remember taking the seminar in 2012. I left feeling so angry, my mind filled with judgments, fears, and defenses… After many years and realizing that despite years of therapy, I wasn’t progressing, an inner voice saw Isha’s book “Vivir para Volar” that I had bought in 2012 and asked me, “What if this helps and I find happiness?” That’s when I decided to attend the first mega in Manzanillo, and a month later, at the six-month mark…

I remember at the beginning of the process, I asked Isha, “When will I stop crying?” 😭 And she replied firmly yet with so much love, “You’ll cry for another 4 months…” 🤯 Today, it makes me laugh, but at that moment, it was a deep call to surrender and accept feeling my emotions as they arose, and to learn to accept and embrace myself
as completely human…

Today, I am deeply grateful to live with this profound experience of peace and joy, as if I have my internal anchor.

Thanks to love for my human experience in its perfection 💕

Marina Castañeda, México

When I went to do the six months, I didn’t know Isha, I had never seen her before. I had taken a sabbatical year because I had been living in a situation at work that I found unsustainable for some time. I felt I had to do something and I went without knowing exactly where I was going.

Within a week, I took the commitments, and I still remember the passion I felt in that act and the intense desire to be and do what it said.

Before that, I had never imagined that something I detested, vulnerability, is the foundation of self-love. Isha showed me that and gave me her way of looking at myself so that I could see myself the same way. She captivated me with all her love, generosity, determination, and sense of humor.

I love you, Isha, with all my heart.

Irune, Spain

It’s impossible to ignore such a clear call in that vibrant silence of the heart… from the free talk in Salta, through megas, 6-month courses, intensives, everything is filled with unforgettable consciousness experiences… and to have found this peace, this celebration of small moments and of my entire life. Thank you Isha, infinitely thank you!

Maria Eugenia Arancibia, Argentina

🙏🏽🫶🏽Thank you, ISHA, because this time I met you, I discovered a new way of living. I trusted, I marveled,
I see every moment as perfect…
I learned to be in LOVE… Gratitude… Peace… Compassion and Kindness… which is our gift with which you completely pierced me for the rest of the moments… and now I feel the love of the Universe all the time… ❤️🙏🏽🫂May everything flow so that you touch more hearts every day of your existence… just as the Universe loves you!!! Thank you… I love you so much! ✨💫

Ale Davila, México

A friend of mine was practicing, and I felt that I wanted what she experienced when she closed her eyes. After years of meditating and in that search, I asked her a thousand questions. In 2003, I learned, I fell in love with her and also with Durga. I couldn’t believe they were so spontaneous.

I laughed heartily at their stories while feeling that magic touching me internally.

I am grateful every day to have met her and for what her system did in my heart ❤️

Ivana Caballero, Argentina

My favorite memory with Isha is when I took the seminar with her, in 2006 at the wonderful Hotel in Mexico City… the first day I left there moved, crying with the excitement of feeling so much energy of gratitude within me…

I wondered what is this… what madness… feeling that energy that I have only experienced when unifying and deeply connecting with my internal experience of consciousness 💜💜💜 thank you Isha for existing and sharing the most sacred thing I have… the way back home ✨✨✨

Denisse Gutiérrez, México

I always longed for freedom, to experience peace. Today, I am clear that it comes from within, from that place where everything resides, from that silence.

Thank you for sharing your experience, for your focus, and for giving us all your love. This journey is the deepest I have experienced in my life, and I want to keep delving deeper.

Thank you ❤️‍🔥

Manu, Argentina

From the depths of my heart ♥️, I have no words for what Isha means to me.

Today, I live in great fullness and love thanks to her inspiration, example, and guidance even in the toughest moments.

I love you, teacher, infinite thanks for everything!!!

Vivi Trolle, México

I came, I stayed. For one month, I was in bed, receiving love all the time. I stayed another month, and it was the same. I feel so much love for both of you, along with the teachers!!

My life is a before and after knowing the System. THANK YOU ♥️

Marisel Cuitiño, Uruguay

I join in the celebration of Isha’s birthday!

A hug filled with infinite gratitude for teaching me to enter my heart and expand love.


Trinidad Fariña, Chile

For me, meeting Isha was unexpected because I wasn’t on a spiritual quest; I was living in such neglect that I didn’t even suspect there was a loving way of living.

I was depressed, and for me, it was normal. Fortunately, the only time she came to Pachuca, I was there, invited by my sister. I didn’t even register the change with unification, but I did perceive something different.

I remember having resistance with the second facet and asking, “Why can’t I think a seemingly simple phrase?” 🥺 She said many things; I remember the ending: “One day you will be able to think it.” And indeed, that day came.

My transformation was undoubtedly significant. I always felt that life owed me, that God somehow didn’t see me. Now I feel so blessed, one of the few fortunate ones who can feel it…

Alma Acosta, México