Dear all,

I feel very happy to invite you to share the next INTENSIVE WEEKEND RETREAT, on September 23rd to 25th that will take place in LA CONRERIA, in the outskirts of Barcelona which will be of great growth for all.

For the new students we will hold a special program previously, to learn online, so that you can arrive to the event ready to deepen the practice and to learn to use the Isha System in your daily life, to which you will returned transformed, I have no doubt about that.

For the older students, it will be a great opportunity to deepen the results of the Isha System Practice,and to incorporate the two last facets that Isha has handed out and to strengthen the witnessing portal.

All the participants will practice witnessing and how to incorporate the present moment experience, each one according to their personal process, which will be supported by the whole team before, during and after the event. This will be a jump to embrace yourself even more in unconditional love.

Life challenges demand everyday more internal stability and depth to confront daily problems and giving yourself this weekend will mark the difference, without doubt: letting go of the fear and all resentment, stress and insecurity and embracing the joy of the new responsibility of life.

I will be happy accompanying you in this encounter with yourself, assisting in your process of self-awareness.

If you haven’t learnt the Isha System yet, You can do it!, let us know and we will explain how.

Retake your practice if you have left it and open up to a new experience with yourself.

It will be magnificent, profound and fun, with activities that will hold your hand and take you to get to know yourself:

  • Group practice where the new students will strengthen what they have just learnt and how to use it in their lives and the more advanced students will incorporate several new facets.
  • Consciousness meetings that will open the door to a new perception of yourself and the world.
  • Activities witnessing nature.
  • All the meals are included.
  • Start and end of the Retreat in Autocar (meet up place in Barcelona for more viability with fun and consciousness assured!)
  • And so much more!

Now is your moment, say YES to yourself.