¿What does it consist of? Learning and practice of the self-knowledge system created by Isha Judd and successfully practiced by people from all walks of life. It manages to eliminate stress from the nervous system, releases toxins from the body, helps dissolve rigid mental patterns and transform accumulated emotions that press internally.

¿What will the lessons learned be used for? To love oneself, to eliminate fears, overcome limiting beliefs, reinvent ourselves, improve your relationships and will undoubtedly be a guide to explore your true potential.

¿Where? Costa Azul de Canelones, Uruguay.

THIS APRIL 2020, you can take the best holiday tour of your life, internally, with yourself, releasing the stress of the year, awakening the happiness you are waiting for, just one step in

The Isha Uruguay Center has amenities, in its beautiful art deco building, with clean, minimalist lines, comfortable both in its rooms and in the common rooms, where unification and yoga are practiced in groups, vegetarian meals are shared and a Endless healthy, beautiful and pleasant details.

You can take a few days, week or month, the time you want to give yourself, from where you will leave clean from past and full of present, in peace and joy. You can come alone, with friends or family.

This retreat with Isha will be from April 4 to 11 in Costa Azul, Uruguay being the time of check in from 4:00 pm, and check out at 12:00 pm.

It includes everything once you arrive at Isha Uruguay Center:

  • Conferences (Darshan) with Isha daily.
  • Learning seminar and intensive practice.
  • Three vegetarian and healthy meals a day.
  • Accommodation in rooms for 2, 3 or 4 people (depending on availability at the time of booking) with your private bathroom.
  • Clases de yoga, Chi-Kung y de aeróbicos o baile.
  • Daily group meetings with teachers and support available throughout the day.
  • Unification with Isha in nature.

April 4 to 11

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    A before and after that you will never forget!

    ¡VISIT US!Come learn the Isha system and practice it. You will see the treasure with which you return to your daily life …


    Call us: +598 94181315Write us: [email protected]

    The contribution of the full week of these events is:

    • 480 dollars per person in room for 4 people.
    • $ 530 per person in room for 3 people.
    • $ 580 per person in room for 2 people.

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      Isha Judd Center Uruguay

      Rambla General Artigas esq. Alfonsina Storni, Costa Azul, Canelones
      Km. 55.5 Ruta Interbalnearia.

      See in Google Maps click here.