Describe a day at the events with isha judd in Uruguay?

Isha center uruguay

Isha and her teachers will be very happy to welcome you upon arrival to the Center, and will be fully dedicated to you, so that from the first moment, you can begin to achieve the desires that bring you here!

The program of activities with Isha is flexible and open to change depending on climate and number of participants, as we are always striving for the best time to have you inside the center or outside enjoying the beautiful nature spots in the locality.

The first day, after welcoming you and showing you to your room, we will accompany you on your first tour through our house from which you can enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean.

On the day of your arrival, after dinner (which starts at 7:00 pm), and after learning about the program, you will start with an hour practicing the Isha Judd Meditative Education, which will continue the following morning. If you have taken the seminar previously, on the night of your arrival, you will have time to enjoy one of Isha’s most recent films before bed.

Every day at 7.00am, we take advantage of the freshness and vitality of the early morning hours, with an optional practice of gentle physical exercise and stretching such as yoga or chi kung. This is a good prelude to breakfast at 8.00am where you spend time having fun and getting to know your classmates. From 9.00am to 12.00, we dedicate ourselves to meditating with eyes closed, and finish the morning with an inspiring conference where Isha answers the questions of participants on consciousness and other aspects of life in general.

At 13.00 we have lunch, and afterwards participate in the exercise of Love Consciousness, learning to maintain the experience of peace with our eyes open that we have achieved in unification with our eyes closed. Then we return to group unification or practice it outside in nature with Isha.

The afternoon session of physical exercise takes place from 17.00 to 18.00 and gives our day a flavour of fun, as we enjoy dancing or aerobics, walking or jogging along the beach.

After reuniting for dinner at 19:30, we gather in small groups with the teachers and close the day with a special time where we share our experiences, learning to connect in a healthy way with our emotions and to communicate deeply with our companions. You discover that everyone comes with the same desire, and have the same experiences as you. Each day you practice, moment by moment, choosing and discovering your experience of love and inner peace.