Before your arrival to the Center Isha in Manzanillo

Before your arrival you need:

Fill out this form online:

To record your personal and travel information. State clearly and in detail if you are currently undergoing any medical treatment, if you are allergic or intolerant to any foods, medicines, or anything in particular that you consider important.

We recommend you :

1. Bring slippers (Hawaiian slippers, flip flops, sandals or soft-soled shoes) for use exclusively in the dining room and in the unification area throughout your stay. We ask you not to walk barefoot and to check your shoes before putting them on.

2. Bring for time of unification (intensive practice of the system), pillow or cushion for your head, a bottom sheet with corners to cover the mat and a blanket or sleeping bag to cover you. Include the following in your luggage: light clothes, (although it is a rainy season, it is important that you bring some light clothes), and clothes and footwear for exercise. Bring items you consider necessary for trips to the beach or pool including beach towel, sun block and mosquito repellent.

3. Bring extra money for your outings, or times of recreation, tours or recreational activities. You will use an external laundry service to clean  your clothes, on a weekly basis with an approximate cost of 3 dollars for each 3 kg of clothes.

The Isha Judd Centre Mexico, tel: (01314) 145 5949 is located in Manzanillo – Colima, Calle Reyna # 6, La Audiencia Zone. See Google Maps (it is located up Avenida de La Audiencia.  When you reach the roundabout, turn into the first street on the right.  When you see the white arch that is in front of the security booth, you go through it up the hill and arrive at the Center).

In this link we provide you with several alternatives of transport by Bus or Plane. When arriving at the airport or to the bus terminal, you can take a taxi giving them the directions to the Center.

Inside the Center, we provide parking, if you come in your own car.