I would like to tell you about me. You will see that I’m a lot like you. I am a modern person, who lived many of the same experiences as you do.

I was born in Melbourne, Australia and attended a very conservative school. My parents taught me to value the earth, life, love and culture. As a child I loved animals and became a successful professional in the world of horses. I also enjoyed being a singer-songwriter. My life was marked by success in all areas. But in spite of everything, something was missing.

I was desperately seeking a sense of fulfilment and purpose. No matter what I did or how successful I was, nothing could fill that gaping hole within.

I was always worried about what people thought about me and did everything for external approval. Drinking made me feel brave, self-confident and free from worry about what was missing. But inside, I had so much fear and such a sense of futility!

At the age of 28, I hit rock bottom. Over the course of six months, I lost 6 people who were very close to me, including my partner who died of cancer. I lost all of my money and property in the Australian financial crash. My entire life fell apart.

At rock bottom, there was nowhere to turn but inwards. Guided by an inner conviction that seemed to speak to me from my heart, I began my journey inwards beyond the worries and preoccupations of the intellect, into an internal state of increasing peace and fullness. As I continued expanding this internal experience, I left behind my addictions, attachments and fears, until reaching the awakening, the unity, the experience of love that I had so yearned for.

Following this process, I created a method that describes step by step what I did to find a deep sense of purpose, and the ability to live in prosperity, peace, love and freedom. A tool that develops introspection, emotional learning, values, education and responsibility. In a nutshell; a method to love yourself exactly as you are and live in the present moment where you can be most effective and fulfilled in your life.

I meet people every day in my centers, who arrive craving something more from life. I teach them how to go within and find everything they spent their lives searching for. It is all there, waiting inside us. All we need is to find a way to access it. And this is what my system does in a very simple, direct and rapid way.

But my questions are:
Are you happy with your life?
Are you constantly preoccupied and worried?
And most importantly, do you feel you ́re living a life with purpose?


PS: In my next emails I will share tips that worked for me, that can help you leave behind your insecurities, and fearlessly start living a life you can love.

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