Given COVID-19 contingencies, our Isha Judd Center in Manzanillo will follow the norms and protocols of safety, hygiene and health as indicated by the relevant departments.

The program begins on July 15th and we will receive attendees based on the opening of borders, always following the recommendations and protocols that the corresponding authorities determine.

For more information about your arrival, communicate with the teachers at the following WhatsApp numbers:

+598 94 197 166 Romi
+52 33 13 70 49 32 Mariela


The Isha Judd Center, Mexico welcomes and congratulates you for confirming your participation in the six-month Intensive Self-Knowledge and Instructor Training Program, which will take place between July 15 and December 30, 2020, at our Center in Manzanillo.

These will be 6 months of self-knowledge and internal transformation, the most incredible journey, absolute surrender towards oneself … towards the search for one’s true being. We discover ourselves at such a deep level that we return to our lives with a completely different perception of the world; we learn to see through the eyes of love, of peace, of the perfection of what we are, and as a result we can see the perfection of life itself.

It is a unique retreat, because you go through this process with people from all over the world, all with the same focus, so you will not only learn to look inside, but you will be able to look into the heart of each one. This is why the 6-month program also certifies you as an Instructor of the Isha Judd System, because in this self-realization process you will be able to support and accompany the growth of others, having already traveled the road yourself. We provide you with some vital information and recommendations below, so that you can begin to get to know our center and our team.


The total contribution for the program will cover your food expenses (set menu), accommodation in a shared room, activities, workshops and the Isha Judd System instructor training from July 15 to December 30, 2020. Contributions ARE NOT REFUNDABLE or transferable to another program, or another person. If you have a last minute EMERGENCY (justified and approved Force Majeure situation) that does not allow you to carry out the Program, there will be a penalty of $ 2,300 (if you made a deposit of a smaller amount than this, you will lose it) and the remaining amount paid will be held for you to apply to the next 6-month program. That is, for no other event in our center until that date.
Once the 6-month program has started, this exception can no longer be applied, and if you decide to leave early, the contribution is completely lost.

This is very important, because it implies a commitment on your part to complete the program, which is, of course, what will generate the growth you seek. If for any reason you have to be absent within the 6 months for an anticipated or important activity, or you need to arrive after the program has started, it IS possible to do so. You can make up the days you miss at the end of the same program, but not at any other time.

In order for you to get the most out of your participation in this six-month intensive:

1. It is very important that you inform your family and friends that you are going to be in a process of introspection, therefore, you will have several activities during the day and schedules will change constantly. The general recommendation is to minimize communication so you can take full advantage of the retreat, but if you need to communicate and attend to a family situation, or resolve legal, financial and work issues, then of course you can do so. As you will often be involved in activities, you need to inform anyone trying to contact you that they can reach you at the center or send you e-mails as required, through the following e-mail:, telephone +525548907332, or WhatsApp : +525548907332.

The internet in the center is FREE access, except during activity hours. If you need to coordinate more time for work or for some special reason you should organize this directly with a teacher. During the 6-month program we will organize a Family Week, from October 10 to 17, 2020. These dates are ideal if you want your family or friends to come to see you at the center and participate in activities (contact us for more details).

2. Due to the number of participants on this program, we only have space for each person to bring a large suitcase and a carry-on case, so we suggest you adjust your needs to this amount of luggage. You should also bring personal hygiene items (or you can buy them in Manzanillo). Since the scheduling of activities is very specific, it is recommended that you do not bring books, magazines, movies, or any other item for entertainment. We may use some of Isha´s books as study material, and if you don’t have them you can buy them here when you arrive. It is also important that you bring your computer and a flash drive for the teacher training element of the program.

3. We use a special diet for the six-month retreat so you can detoxify your body and to ensure that your depth of practice is not hindered by heavy or slow digestion. Based on this regime, we will serve you seasonal fruits and oats for breakfast and lunch. The idea is that you follow this diet to facilitate the introspection process, but if you want to incorporate something extra, specific healthy foods are allowed, such as raisins, almonds, walnuts, chestnuts or peanuts. If so, we recommend you bring your own covered dish to store your food (you can buy all of this in Manzanillo). Dinner will be based on vegetables, cereals, pasta, grains, etc. It is highly recommended that you follow our food recommendations and do not indulge in sweets, soft drinks, canned goods, etc. If for health reasons, you cannot follow this type of diet, you must present a medical certificate stating your health condition and listing the specific dietary recommendations. Special meals are only prepared on medical grounds and will always be based on the food that the center uses. If you medically require something special, which is not part of the center’s food plan, you will have to buy it and add it to your meals. The Center also provides some special services, which have an additional cost, such as detox juices, chia pudding, eggs, protein shakes, etc.

IMPORTANT: it is not allowed under any circumstances to cook or store any type of food in the bedrooms.

4. The six-month stay will be at the main building of the Isha Judd Center in Mexico and the group will be housed in rooms shared with other members of the program (up to 6 people per room). To ensure harmonious coexistence in a cozy atmosphere, we will organize teams of students who will be in charge of the care of rooms where they live; therefore, it is important that each one assumes specific responsibilities regarding the maintenance of order and the cleanliness of their rooms in the center. It is very possible that everyone will change rooms, so that each one has the opportunity to coexist with various colleagues. This is one of the most important parts of the process, learning to live together in unity.

5. Laundry of your personal clothing will be at your own expense, so it is important that you have money to cover this expense during the six months.

IMPORTANT: It is not allowed to wash clothes in the bathrooms or rooms of our facilities.

6. It is MANDATORY that you have Full Coverage Medical Insurance, for all the time that you are going to be in the program including specific coverage regarding COVID-19. When you arrive at the center, you must provide a printed copy of the insurance document, so that in the event of any problem, we can support you. If you are from Mexico you need to bring your coverage information in the country. Some travel insurance recommendations:

Celeste Card (Agent Natalia García, whatsapp: +59895821487, has special offers for 6 months and 7 months), it can also be obtained through Universal Assistance, Assist Card, Travel Assistance, among others.

7. If you are going to stay 179 days or less: you only need to present your passport and identity card upon arrival in Mexico, your printed round-trip plane ticket and the letter that we will send you regarding your enrollment in the program.
Exceptions: there are some countries that do require a visa to enter Mexico.

8. If you are going to stay more than 180 days: you must make a VISA application for temporary residence at the Mexican consulate in your country and enter Mexico having completed this procedure.

9. As previously mentioned, your contribution covers food expenses, according to the diet offered by the center, accommodation, teaching and instructor certification in the Isha Judd System. However, you will incur some extra personal expenses that are not included. We estimate that on average these personal expenses will be around US $ 100-150 per month, including laundry, personal hygiene items, anything you want to add to your diet, extracurricular leisure or service activities to the community that you may participate in; such as tours, boat trips, celebrations, parties, free time activities or social support events. For these occasions you need to have small amounts of money to spend, so we recommend you take this into consideration in your budget for personal expenses during the six months.

10. The weather in Manzanillo reaches high temperatures, so your luggage should contain mainly summer clothes (we are near the beach and the center has a swimming pool), but bring suitable items for indoor air conditioning also. You should also bring some clothing for special celebrations, birthdays and parties. Bath towels and your bedding are included, but we recommend that you bring an extra bath/pool towel. Bring a bottle to hold your drinking water, a letter-size notepad and coloring pencils.

11. Regarding the interviews to enter the program; Our center does not have a medical, psychological or therapeutic function, which is why all participants will have a psychological interview (by Skype or WhatsApp), and then complete a medical evaluation of their emotional state with a psychiatrist. In the case of anyone currently undergoing treatment in this area, they should remain under the supervision of their professional and, if necessary, with additional professional support in Manzanillo. All of this is evaluated for each individual case. The 6-month program can never replace a psychiatric or psychological treatment. The certificate provided by your doctor or professional must be sent to the center by email to: and on arrival at the center the original certificate must be given to us, so that it can be attached to your entry form (this is an essential requirement). Of course, people who don’t require treatment need nothing more than their two admission interviews (psychological and psychiatric). The cost of each interview must be paid directly to the professional ($ 30 each interview).

NOTE: For the psychological interview, make direct contact with: Sebastián Santa Cruz, whatsapp: +54 91165129935.

For the psychiatric interview make direct contact with: Javier Hernandez, whatsapp: + 52 3141001862.

ATENTION: Both interviews, with the Psychologist and Psychiatrist, MUST be done no earlier than 20 days prior to your arrival, and SEND a copy of the certificate to We recommend you start making your appointments now.

12. It is also necessary to bring a medical certificate, specifying your general health. This can be completed at any medical center. Note that in addition to the heat of the summer season, our center in manzanillo has 7 villas, with stairs, therefore, this is important when allocating rooms,. Of course, any special requirements in this area, should be communicated to the teachers so they can provide the necessary support. This certificate must include weight, body mass index, blood pressure, glycemia, general health problems, etc.

13. It is very important to ensure safety and hygiene standards for the wellbeing of everyone. For this reason, people with infectious-contagious diseases that could affect others, such as: Pediculosis (lice, nits), Scabies (scabies), Tuberculosis, Hepatitis A, Parotitis (mumps), Chickenpox, Measles, or Conjunctivitis, cannot start their program. We must be notified in advance if any participant has an illness or takes any medication. On arrival at the center this must be recorded in your file, so that we are aware and can take necessary precautions. It is also important to let us know verbally upon arrival about any health problems that may create a crisis, eg: epilepsy; special care needs such as diabetes and hypertension; or general precautions, eg HIV.

Important: Given the process of returning to the new normal by COVID-19, we must pay special attention that those who are infected by COVID-19 will not be able to start their 6-month program, until the doctor in charge determines the medical discharge by a written certificate.

We attach the Protocol for receiving students and their accommodation at the Isha Judd Center facilities, based on the new normal made necessary by COVID-19.

REMEMBER: Download the protocol and send it signed to reservasmexico @ You must also bring it printed.

14. The consumption of alcoholic beverages or narcotic drugs is prohibited within the Center and for the time spent in this program, therefore, participants cannot enter the premises under the influence of same. Failure to comply with this important rule implies the suspension and immediate termination of the program, without any possibility of change or refund of the registration fee. We ask for absolute responsibility in this regard, because everyone comes to carry out a process of internal transformation. In the case of suspected substance use, a urine test will be performed. As for the consumption of cigarettes, smoking is prohibited in the center (yes it is possible in exterior areas, but not at the entrance to the center). In the same way, the center reserves the right to terminate the program for participants who violate the basic rules of coexistence, such as physical or verbal violence. We have attached the rules of Coexistence.

15. In addition to daily activities, including yoga, unification, physical exercise, group meetings and activities with Isha and the teachers, volunteering in the basic tasks of the center is considered a very important part of this educational program. Such service activities will always be the responsibility of a teacher or facilitator. These are very useful opportunities to apply everything learned during the process. Especially being unification in action, being able to give to others without losing oneself, being fully present and excellent in every action and working as a team. This is one of the most important aspects of the program, because the highest expression of internal growth is the ability to give to others. It will be a small amount of time, given the number of people participating in the program, but it will be a very important experience for everyone. It is not mandatory and is evaluated in each case, especially if there are special health concerns.

NOTE: Rooms in the Mexico Center have air conditioning and fans. There are people who like to have air conditioning and others who prefer only fans. We will aim to put people together according to their preference as much as possible. In this email, we ask you to inform us if you prefer air conditioning or not.

16. Summary to prepare your trip. Check list:

– 1 blanket and pillow for your unification practice mat

– 1 small sheet to cover your unification practice mat

– 1 additional shower towel

– 2-3 hand towels

– Comfortable clothes

– Workout clothes

– Beach clothes

– Clothes for special activities

– Sunscreen

– Yoga mat

– Flip flops

– 1 refillable water bottle; preferably of an environmentally friendly material

– Box of 3-layer plated face mask, reusable face shield, and 70% alcohol-based antibacterial gel for personal use.

– Your own Tupper to preserve your food (if you want to have something extra and keep it)

– The printed copy of your round trip airline tickets

– The printed copy of your TRAVEL medical insurance card that includes COVID-19 coverage

– The original medical certificate that your doctor will give you after the interview with the psychologist

– The certificate of general health (see point 12)

– If you have other important medical indications of physical health, special diet recommendations, etc., also bring your written certificate from your doctor and the instructions that you must follow here during your stay.

– Your cell phone (ideally your laptop for the teaching program)

– 1 memory drive for the teaching program information

– You can bring Isha’s books

– Personal hygiene Items

– Additional money for extra expenses

– Passport, identity card or Visa, as the case may be

NOTE: Manzanillo is a local tourist area that has all kinds of things to buy, so you don’t have to travel with everything. Prices in general are very affordable

17. The 6-month program this year includes the certification as an Isha Judd System Instructor, that is, the ability to teach the method at all levels: courses for the general public, social programs, organizations, companies, education, etc. Although everyone can take this training phase and there are no end-of-program tests, as it is something experiential, in order to achieve certification, to be accredited for teaching, and be included on our website, it is necessary to meet the minimum requirements of an instructor, including general provisions and human qualities, all of which will be evaluated by the teachers. It is also possible to choose not to take the instructor training and do 6 months of total introspection.


18. There are two more levels of Instructor training:

1. The Meditative Education Instructor, which is to teach the methodology created by our Foundation to transform Education at the Family and School level, based on internal change. It has 4 main areas:

a) Teach children to maintain connection with their inner being and not lose themselves in the external world.

 b) Train teachers or professionals in the area, to carry out a deep process of self-knowledge so that they can inspire with their own example, as well as teaching this program to their students.

c) Use this methodology for teaching any subject to children, so that the educational contents are not only intellectual, but are incorporated as acquired wisdom.

d) Have tools to work at the family level and be able to train parents and families so that they can replicate the program and have activities, stories, songs, to help share internal growth with children. This level of training allows you to teach Meditative Education directly to children and, also to train professionals in the area so that they are the ones who teach the program year after year, that is, a double level of Training. We consider that the real change in the world begins with education and it would be incredible if you could train at these levels, for greater personal growth and to be able to give more. By training other people who replicate the program we can give so much more. You can also train parents and families, who really do not have educational tools to teach children to be happy, to have peace, and to live in unity.


2. The Isha Judd Yoga Instructor Training, which is a highly anticipated novelty for this year. It is a level that certifies you to teach our Yoga, which is a comprehensive system of yoga, and can only be taught when one has a solid, stable internal experience and undergone a real process of self-healing. This makes our Yoga unique, because all our instructors have first completed the 6 months of self-knowledge. That is to say, they are going to be able to really support people in their integral growth, not only in the physical or health aspect. Isha Judd Yoga prioritizes the connection with love. What you are when teaching … your inner connection above all else. For this the Isha Judd techniques are used, therefore it is a deep and transformative process. It requires, of course, when covering the balance of the body and the mind, being able to perform the basic postures, and therefore, it is an intensive level from the physical point of view.


As for the dates of the different Instructor training programs and the cost, there are two options, depending on the new normal in each country. This does not require you to make a decision now, nor to send the payment but if you want to do the advanced levels, you will need to evaluate the visa requirement to remain longer in Mexico, if it is more than 180 days.( Also evaluate the option to leave the country on a round trip but for this contact the teachers)

6-month self-knowledge program:
July 15 to December 30
cost: $ 11,500

Isha System Instructor (first date):
December 10 to 30
Cost: 0 (included in the 6 months)

Meditative Education Instructor (first date):
December 30 to January 9
Cost: $ 1,800 (if you decided to do this , you don’t need Visa )

Isha Judd Yoga Instructor (only date):
January 1 to 20
Cost: $ 2,200 (includes work material)

Special offer:
Meditative Education Instructor (first date) + Isha Judd Yoga Instructor training, total: $ 3,500

Meditative Education Instructor (second date)
January 20 to 30
Cost : $ 1800

For the people who join the program in September, these would be the dates of the 6-month program and the instructors:

6-month self-knowledge program:
September 1 to February 16
cost: $ 11,500

Isha System Instructor (first date):
January 27 to February 16
Cost: 0 (included in the 6 months)

Meditative Education Instructor (first date):
February 16 to 26
Cost: $ 1,800 (if you decided to do this , you don’t need Visa )

sha Judd Yoga Instructor (only date):
March 1 to 20 / 2021
Cost: $ 2,200 (includes work material)

Of course the 6-months program is a very intensive program of practice and total transformation, but it is also the most incredible and most entertaining experience possible. There are going to be many leisure activities, making the process truly wonderful and thousands of experiences, adventures, trips, and a level sharing that participants never forget. There will be a number of days off during the process, but this depends on the group.

Participants also enjoy “Cinema” days when they will see inspiring movies. Once a month we have the celebration of all the birthdays that occurred during the month, therefore, these are usually great celebration parties. And there will be several surprises during the time here, because everything flows according to group: activities in nature, different workshops, meetings, everything to make your process the best experience of your life, and we will give everything to make it so.

So between the great process of introspection, together with all the fun and variety in the program, we achieve the perfect balance to generate the greatest internal benefit. As a result, participants experience so much love, so much gratitude and joy, that everything that is not that experience, is transformed naturally, gradually and effortlessly, so that life becomes the maximum expression of one’s being and each one finds the potential that is within them.

We know that this program is already being very different from the previous ones even before it starts! It brought us by surprise a global pandemic, but the growth derived from it is really wonderful because it represents a constant challenge to everything known and with a single invitation: trust and flow. So trust in your heart’s desire and flow with the changes that life presents to you day by day. This will be your growth guideline along with the program itself and don’t forget to enjoy!

Finally, we want to remind you of our full support as you undertake this beautiful transformative experience guided by Isha and the teachers of the center. In order for us to give you our best, it is essential that you follow the recommendations that we give you. We are here to serve you on your way back to your heart and to inspire you to achieve a life full of love, happiness and self-fulfillment.

We wait for you at home!

With much love, The Isha Judd Center Teachers

PS: We request that you confirm receipt of this email.