6-Month Program and Other Training Programs


From May 15 to November 6, 2023

Dear All!

The Isha Judd Center in Mexico welcomes you and congratulates you for having formalized your participation in the intensive six-month self-awareness program taking place between May 15 and November 6, 2023, at our headquarters located in Manzanillo, Mexico.

This program represents six-months of self-awareness and of inner transformation. It’s the most incredible journey you can undertake: the absolute surrender to yourself, in search of your true being. Through the process you will reach such depths within yourself that you return to your life, you’ll have a completely different perception of the world; you’ll learn to see through the eyes of love, of peace, of the perfection of who you are. As a result, you’ll be able to see the perfection of life itself.

The uniqueness of this experience is reinforced by the participation of people from all over the world who are focused on the same goal. Not only will you learn to look within, but you will also be able to see through the heart and experience of others. This is why the 6-month program also certifies you to become a Facilitator of the Isha Judd System, because in this process of self-realization, you will be able to support and accompany the growth of others by virtue of having personally lived and walked this path yourself.


 The total cost of this program will cover room and board.  The meals are set menus, and you will share a room with up to six people.  Occasionally, you will change roommates and rooms.

The cost also includes daily activities focused on the expansion of conciousness and training as an Isha Judd System Facilitator,  whose certification will be evaluated by the teachers, being necessary to meet the requirements of the Program and described in point 14. 

Your payments are NON-REFUNDABLE and are not transferable to any other program or person. 

There is a penalty fee of 50% of the official value of the 6-month program if you have a last-minute EMERGENCY (justified force majeure situation) that does not allow you to participate.  The remaining amount paid can be attributed as a credit in your favor for the next 6-month program.  This amount is NOT to be considered as credit for your use in any other program offered at the Center.  If, however, the dollar-amount you gave as a deposit is smaller than this 50% amount, you will lose the full amount already paid.  Once the 6-month program has started, this exception no longer applies.  If you decide to withdraw early, you will lose the full amount you paid.

This is very important because it means you have made a commitment with yourself to participate in and finish the program; it’s this very commitment that will generate the growth you are looking for. If, while you are doing the 6 months, you need to leave the center for any important activity or any other activity scheduled in advance, or if you need to arrive after the start of the program, you have until November 30 to recover any days you missed.   You will NOT be able to recover those days at any other moment. Why?  Because the greatest benefit of the process is the continuity and depth that comes from the continued practice.

For you to make the most out of your participation in this six-month intensive:

There is enough room for each person to bring a large suitcase and a carry-on.  We suggest you adjust your needs accordingly.  You must also bring personal hygiene products.  Bear in mind you can buy these products in Manzanillo. They may not sell the brand you use at home, but they do sell hygiene products there. Since the schedule of activities is very specific, we recommend you not bring any books, magazines, movies, or any other entertainment item or equipment. It is also important that you bring your computer if you decide to take any of the post 6-month facilitator training programs.

We have created a special diet for the six-month retreat that helps you go deep with your practice.  This diet helps you detoxify your body and does not make your digestion sluggish.  According to this regime, we will serve you seasonal fruits and oatmeal for breakfast and lunch. The idea is that you follow this diet to take advantage of the introspection process. At dinner you will be served a diet based on vegetables, cereals, vegan protein, pasta, and grains, etc.  We highly recommend that you stick to the diet and not eat any sweets, candies, chocolates, canned food, soda, etc. If you have any health issues that do not allow you to follow this type of diet, you must present a medical certificate with the specific recommendations and your health diagnosis given by a doctor not a nutritionist.  Special meals are made in these situations and only with food used at the center.  If for medical reasons you need to eat something special which is not food used at the center to prepare meals, you will have to buy it with your own money and add it yourself to your food.  The Center also sells special products such as detox juices, protein shakes, etc.

IMPORTANT: You are NOT allowed under any circumstance to cook nor store any type of food in your room

The six-month group will stay at the main headquarters of the Isha Judd Center in Manzanillo and participants will be assigned to rooms they will share with other members of the program (in rooms for up to 6 people).    It is likely that room changes will be made so that you share a room with other students in the program as well. This is one of the most important parts of the process: learning to live together.
It is important that each person be responsible to keep the room and your stuff tidy and clean. So that coexistence is harmonious, and you feel comfortable on an environment of mutual support and respect where you live,  attached to this, we are sending  the Basic Rules of Coexistence. Please read them and upon arrival you will be asked to sign them.

Download Coexistence regulations →

Washing your clothes will be at your own expense.  You should have money to cover this expense during the six months.

IMPORTANT:  You are NOT allowed to wash clothes in the bathrooms nor any of the rooms at the center.

It is MANDATORY that you have Full Coverage Medical Insurance, for the entire time you are at the center.  This medical insurance must include coverage for COVID19, Influenza and all current viral derivatives. You must bring a printed copy of your insurance to show upon arrival.

the Mexican authorities are entitled to require valid passport, your printed round-trip plane ticket, and the letter that we will send you that shows you are participating in this program.

Exceptions: there are some countries that require you have a visa to enter Mexico.  Below is a link where you can verify your country’s requirements:


(If you stay in Mexico for more than 180 days, it is important you choose one of the options: either leave and enter the country OR  extend your stay and  you will pay a fine of approximately $30 US dollars.)

As previously mentioned, the meals you eat (according to the diet offered by the center), your lodging, your learning experience and your certification as an Isha Judd System Facilitator are all covered by the contribution you made for your enrollment in the program. However, you will have additional personal expenses that are not included in the cost of your registration. We estimate that these personal expenses (clothes washing, purchase of personal hygiene products, or any other unforeseen expense) are around 100-150 US dollars a month.

It is hot and humid in Manzanillo.  We suggest you bring mostly summer clothes and a bathing suit.  The Center has a swimming pool.  Pack a light jacket or sweater because there is air conditioning.  Also, bring clothes for special celebrations such as birthdays or your graduation ceremony.  Bath towels and bed linens are included, but we recommend you bring a pool towel and several hand towels for personal use. Bring an eco-friendly water bottle for you to refill with water.

Regarding the interviews to enter the program.  Our center does not have a medical, psychological, or therapeutic certificate, which is why all participants must undergo a psychological interview (over WhatsApp), and then they will need a medical evaluation of their emotional state with a psychiatrist.  In case you are currently being treated, you must continue under the supervision of your doctor and, if necessary, schedule a follow-up in Manzanillo.  This criterion is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  The 6-month program does NOT replace any psychiatric or psychological treatment, and we are also open to any suggestions that the doctors make for your process and well-being.

You must also bring a medical certificate that shows your overall and current health condition.   This can be done at any medical center.  If you have any special requirements contact the teachers.  They can help you. This certificate should include blood pressure, glycemia (blood sugar levels), general health problems, etc.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages or narcotics is prohibited in the Center and during the time you are doing the 6-month program.  You will not be allowed to enter the center if you are under the influence of either alcohol or drugs.  Your participation in the program will be terminated if you fail to comply with this important rule and there will be no exchange nor refund of the registration fee.  We ask you to be 100% responsible because you are coming here for an internal transformation process. If we suspect consumption or use of any substance, a urine test will be done to rule out any doubts. Smoking is allowed in an outdoor designated smoking area.  You can only smoke in that area.  The center reserves the right to end the program of those participants who violate the basic rules of coexistence, such as physical or verbal violence. (Read and download the Coexistence Regulations, go to point 3)

Daily activities include yoga, unification, physical exercise, group meetings and activities with Isha Judd and teachers.  In addition to these activities, a very important part of this educational program includes voluntary service.  Voluntary service activities include doing basic tasks and will always be under the supervision and responsibility of a teacher or facilitator. The opportunity of doing service is very important because doing service is when you put into practice everything you have learned during your process:

  • Being consciousness in action
  • Being able to give to others without losing yourself
  • Being fully present
  • Being excellent in everything you do
  • Being able to work as a team.

This is one of the most important aspects of the program because the highest manifestation of inner growth is being able to give to others. Given the number of people participating in the program the amount of time each person will do service is quite short; but the participation in this activity is going to be a very important experience for everyone.  Service is not mandatory, and each case will be evaluated individually, especially if there are special health requirements.

Check list to help you prepare for your trip.:

  • 1 Blanket, 1 pillow and twin or full-size sheets to cover your practice matt
  • Several hand towels for personal use
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Clothing for exercising
  • Swimsuit and pool towel
  • Clothing for special activities graduation / celebrations
  • Sunscreen
  • Yoga mat (to use in yoga classes)
  • Flip-flops or any shoe with rubber sole
  • Sun hat
  • 1 Eco-friendly water bottle so you can refill with water throughout the day
  • Printed copy of your round-trip plane ticket to enter Mexico
  • Printed copy of your TRAVEL medical insurance card that includes COVID-19 coverage and others
  • Certificate of general health medical clearance (see point 10)
  • If you have other medical indications for important physical health, special dietary recommendations, etc., also bring your written certificate from your doctor and the instructions that you must follow here during your stay.
  • Your cell phone (ideally your laptop for the facilitator program)
  • Personal Hygiene Items
  • Extra money for extra expenses
  • Passport, Identity Card, Visa, depending on your country’s requirements

During the 6-month program you can be certified as an Isha Judd System Facilitator.  As a Facilitator you can teach the System to:  the general public, social programs, organizations, companies, etc.  Anyone can participate in this phase of the training; however,  in order to be certified as an Isha Judd System Facilitator, you must meet the minimum requirements of the 6-month program and general rules and human qualities, all of which will be evaluated by the teachers.

You may choose not to do the facilitator program and only complete the 6 months program.

There are two more Programs of Facilitator:

  1. Meditative Education.  This program was created by our Foundation to transform education at the family and school level starting with inner change. Here you will learn how to teach this methodology.  It has 4 main areas:
    1. Teaching children how to maintain their connection with their being and not get lost in the external world
    2. Training teachers or professionals in the education field so that they can inspire awareness using their own example.  They will learn and have their own deep process of self-knowledge.  Once they complete this process, they will be ready to transmit this program to their students.
    3. Use this methodology to teach children.  And in an easy, simple way one can use this methodology so that the educational contents are not only intellectual but are assimilated and form a part of their personal know-how.
    4. Use tools to work with families to train them so that they, in turn, can replicate the program and transmit inner growth to children with activities, stories and songs.
    5. This level of training allows you to teach Meditative Education directly to children and, also train professionals in the education field so that they can teach the program each year.  This is a second level of training. We believe that real change in the world starts with education.  It would be incredible for you to be both trained as a facilitator and to be able to teach Meditative Education, to further expand your growth and to expand what you are able to give.  When we train other people who then go and replicate the program, we can give so much more. You can also teach and train parents and families who do not use educational tools to teach children to be happy, to be at peace and to live in unity.

See: https://ishajudd.com/fundacion/en/educational-program/

  1. The Isha Judd Yoga Program.  This program certifies you to teach Isha Judd Yoga.  This yoga practice is comprehensive.  It can only be taught by those who have a solid and stable internal experience and have done a self-healing process. This inner experience is what makes our yoga unique, because all our facilitators have first completed the 6-month self-awareness program. In other words, they will be able to really support people physically, health wise and in with their own personal growth. The Isha Judd Yoga prioritizes the connection with love, with who you are, while you teach the practice of yoga.  Most importantly, this practice of yoga transmits your inner connection.  The practice is a mind-body balance, and you must be able to perform several basic postures. 

See: https://ishajudd.com/en/yoga/

Regarding the dates of the different programs of facilitators and values:

1. “Meditative Education”: can be taken on two dates:

November 8 – 18
November 20 – 30

Regular price: $1,800 US dollars
Pre-registration price: $1,500 US dollars if paid in full before the start of the 6-months

2. “Isha Judd Yoga”:

November 1 – 19

(As you can see, it begins before the end of the 6 months. People who do decide to take the Isha Judd Yoga program can recover those days at the end of the yoga program) 

Regular price: $2,500 US dollars (includes manual and anatomy book)
Pre-registration price: $2,200 US dollars if paid in full before the start of the 6-month program

(If you stay in Mexico for more than 180 days, it is important you choose one of the options: either leave and enter the country OR   extend your stay and  you will pay a fee of approximately $30 US dollars.)

SPECIAL VALUE  Meditative Education + Isha Judd Yoga

Regular price: $4,000 US dollars
Pre-registration price: $3,500 US dollars if paid in full before the start of the 6-month program

Both programs are absolutely amazing! If you want to know more about these programs or have questions, talk to Rodrigo for “Meditative Education” and Dorian about “Isha Judd Yoga”.


The 6-month program is a very intensive program of practice and total transformation, but it is also the most incredible and fun experience you can have. There will be many activities that make this process so amazing. You will never forget this experience and will hold it forever in your heart. The program includes activities out in nature, different workshops, and meetings, all designed to make your process the best experience of your life. Our goal is to make that a reality. Participating in this process of introspection plus all the joy and movement of the program will create the perfect balance that generates the greatest internal benefit: an experience of love, gratitude and joy that is so intense, everything that is not that will be transformed naturally and effortlessly into more love. The result is that your life will become the maximum expression of your being and you will be able to find your true potential.

We can feel that this program is already being very different from its predecessors, and it hasn’t even started yet! Your growth is amazing. It represents a constant challenge to everything that is known with only one invitation: trust and flow. So, trust your heart’s desire and flow with the changes that life throws at you daily. This and the 6-month program will be your growth guideline. Enjoy!!!

Finally, we want to remind you that we will fully support you in this beautiful experience of transformation that you’ve decided to take on under the guidance of Isha Judd and the teachers. In order to give you the best of us, it is essential that you always follow the recommendations we give you. We are here to serve you on your way back to your heart and to inspire you to achieve a life full of love, happiness, and self-fulfillment.

We are waiting for you at home!
With lots of love,
The Teachers of the Isha Judd Center

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