6 Month Program of Self-knowledge

inner peace, love, 6 month program of self-knowledge

The 6-month program is the most advanced and intensive program in our center. It is focused on helping each person develop a permanent experience of peace, love, inner silence and happiness. The training is focused totally on that goal. It is a journey into your interior, which cannot be compared to any other experience, because it brings such a profound knowledge that transforms all aspects of life: the way we perceive things, our physical, mental and emotional health, the full development of our potential and the ability to be and give love without limits.

Isha Judd personally directs the program and will be supporting the students unconditionally on their path, so that all can take home, the experience they seek with such longing. In addition, the team of teachers and facilitators will accompany them step by step throughout the program.

In the process of practicing the Isha Judd Self-Awareness System for long periods of time with your eyes closed, you will learn to focus on the present moment and expand your inner peace. You will begin to feel your emotions lovingly without repressing them, to connect with your feelings and express them openly, and to honestly speak your mind.

This experience brings unlimited growth, because in this favorable environment you can reaffirm your commitment to carry out this sustained practice that will allow you to immerse deeply inside yourself, to reunite with your true essence, your consciousness, and from there to make the choices that lead to well-being. There may be something you have always wanted to do, such as dropping addictions, fears, habits and limiting beliefs, but unconscious programming, which we all have, sabotaged your purpose. When consciousness takes charge, you can build your life on happiness, feeling inner peace, living in abundance, enjoying the joy of giving, flowing and trusting in your ability to create and feeling satisfaction with your environment.

To be able to go very deep in this experience the diet is light during the day, mainly consisting of fruits with a more substantial dinner of vegetables, pies, pastas, grains or legumes. Another daily activity is an hour of physical exercise; yoga, dancing, aerobics, walking or running on the beach. We also ensure the intake of lots of water. All this provokes detoxification and a very deep cleansing of the body.

Service is a very important part of this program. You will perform various tasks so that you can express externally that experience of peace that you are cultivating inwardly. It is a great opportunity for you to focus on being present and attentive in what you do, observing yourself and how your mind works when you are doing an activity with your eyes open, in addition to finding the joy of giving and serving others. Sometimes you will be in our main center, and at other times, depending on the activities and your process, you will be in some of our other centers in the countryside, with your colleagues learning to live in community.

You will also have different awareness-raising workshops, to polish internal aspects that will serve you in your daily life: self-esteem, relationships, creativity, etc. And of course recreational activities, which vary according to the group.

You will have support meetings with Isha Judd and the other teachers at the center, who will support you all the time. These meetings are an excellent opportunity for growth, because you will learn how to see love in everything, and be able to make peace with each part of your life. You will also enjoy activities in nature. We have a beautiful beachfront setting, a huge field, an orchard and various types of animals, and you will learn how to connect with them from your deepest inner experience. It is truly a transforming experience, absolutely unforgettable and very entertaining !, because you will live with incredible people from all over the world who come with the same goal, openness and desire as you.

The six-month program is held every two years and the next one begins on May 2 and ends on October 29, 2018. The people who complete the program will be certified as Facilitators Level 1 of the Isha Judd Self-Knowledge System, and can teach itin their countries, running their own courses, whether general, social, business, etc. Our facilitators do not teach an intellectual knowledge, but teach from their own experience, from actually having completed their own internal journey of self-healing and inner transformation, therefore, what they can give is invaluable, because of their courage, surrender and wisdom.

I am providing access to a video of the previous facilitators and six months programs, where you can see testimonies and some of the advanced programs:

There are two other levels of facilitator, who are trained in the “Meditative Education” Program. This is a 100-hour multidisciplinary program designed by Isha Judd and the teachers of her Foundation to incorporate the development of being and coexistence in Education.

Level 2: The facilitator learns to teach the “Meditative Education” to children.”

Level 3: The facilitator learns to train the teachers in the “Meditative Education” program, so that they are the ones who apply it to their students and also to the parents and guardians.

Level 2 and 3, is taught by extending your stay for three more weeks and is completely optional. Here we attach a video of the application of this program in the Ministry of Education in Paraguay:

The contribution of the 6-month program including Level 1 Facilitator training is US.$ 11,000. There is a discounted pre-registration option open until December 31, 2017. Until that date the contribution is US 10,000 dollars, or U$ 9.500 if you pay cash. This includes your stay, meals, activities and training.

(For those who want to perform levels 2 and 3 Facilitators program, the additional contribution is $ 2500, or $ 2250 if they have made their reservation before December 31, 2017). This program runs from October 29 to November 18.

To complete your reservation you have to agree to an interview of admission that can be conducted by WhatsApp or skype through videoconference.