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Six-Month Program with accreditation to teach

The six-month program for self-knowledge is the most incredible experience of inner transformation that one can imagine. It begins with deep insight, a complete change in the way we perceive our life and the development of our true potential. Therefore, we open the door to a permanent experience of love, joy, peace and unity.

It´s a journey straight to the depths of our being, where the true qualities of each one are rediscovered: trust, self-esteem, creativity, clarity and the capacity to achieve everything we desire and deserve. If you have felt that there is still something missing in your life, there is no doubt that you will find it by doing this program because all the answers, wisdom and fulfilment are waiting to be found in your own heart.

To achieve this, we employ a series of activities for integral development, which includes many hours of introspection with eyes closed, yoga, body awareness and a deep connection with nature. We learn the most important lesson: that we can transform everything that happens to us for our growth and as an opportunity for evolution. Isha Judd personally leads the group, so that afterwards you can be agents of transformation in the world.

If you feel the desire in your heart to change your life completely and to share with incredible people that come from all over the world, all arriving with the desire to grow and transform, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be ready to support you always so your dream may come true.

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Can People Change?

(Based on the six month program)

Six-Month Program with accreditation to teach


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    Six-Month Program with accreditation to teach

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    Six-Month Program with accreditation to teach

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